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Going Solar

Many churches are interested in clean solar energy but struggle because the incentives available to tax-paying entities are not applicable to non-profits.

Oftentimes, one of the highest operating costs in church facilities is electricity, so a transition to solar electricity would lead to substantial savings.

Churches tend to be committed to sustainability and share a desire to give back to both community and planet, but a cash purchase of a solar solution is simply not realistic. As a result, many houses of worship are in need of more creative funding.

Sun Light & Power, www.sunlightandpower.com, has partnered with a number of forward-thinking agencies to develop the programs necessary to bring small and medium sized system financing to life. They are able to offer third-party lease options that feature minimal upfront costs and are cash-flow positive in the very earliest years of the system’s lifetime.

Additionally, Sun Light & Power is at the forefront of an innovative approach referred to as “crowd funding,” which harnesses the power of a collective – parishioners, for example – to fund a project with individual contributions. This allows participants to take advantage of the elusive tax incentives, simultaneously helping the church, helping the parishioners, and helping the planet!

Passionate people tend to get very good at what they do. With 36 years of experience as a leader and pioneer in the solar industry, Sun Light & Power provides the highest possible design, engineering, and installation expertise for solar electric and thermal energy needs and places high value on lasting customer relationships.

One church they recently worked with is NorthCreek Church, a Bible teaching church in the San Francisco Bay Area that was founded in 1956. Everything from the songs they sing, the classes they offer, to the art they hang on the walls is focused on scripture.

NorthCreek Church’s solar PV systems will provide clean energy and annual operating cost reduction from day one and will generate $4,377,777 in total savings over the lifetime of the system. With a parking structure system in the lot, as well as a rooftop system installed on Northcreek Academy & Preschool, this is a wise investment that will provide continuous returns.

Every year, this system removes the equivalent of 51 cars from the road, or prevents 29,158 gallons of gasoline from being burned. It would require 55.5 acres of forest to sequester this much CO2 annually.

“I would not hesitate to work with SLP anytime in the future. I would also highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solar system,” said Garry Pollard, director of operations, NorthCreek Church.

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