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2014 Vacation Bible School Themes

Lifeway’s Agency D3 – Discover, Decide, Defend
The Agency D3 VBS program by Lifeway is unlike any previous year, in that kids are encouraged to take a hard look at the truths of the Bible and then learn how to defend what they believe in an ever-changing world. Discover, decide and defend the truth about who Jesus really is with LifeWay’s Agency D3.

Gangway to Galilee from Concordia
Set sail and explore the Sea of Galilee with the Gangway to Galilee, the new 2014 VBS theme from Concordia Publishing House. Experience an adventure filled with God’s amazing grace as you sail to sites all around the Sea of Galilee.

Group’s Wilderness Escape
This Holy Land Adventure is a whole new adventure with a well known Bible hero – Moses! This program teaches children how to trust God as they join Moses on the incredible journey through the wilderness and discover what it was like to live in the Israelite camp.

Cokesbury’s Workshop of Wonders
Discover how to imagine and build with God with Cokesbury’s Workshop of Wonders. Start an adventure. Use your imagination and creativity to build your faith. Meet people from the Bible who used what they had to produce something amazing with God. Use your heart, mind and imagination to participate in the creative life of God, the one who works wonders.

International Spy Academy from Answers in Genesis
With the International Spy Academy, your mission is to instill in your children an understanding of the one true God of the Bible they can carry with them for the rest of their lives and share with those around them. With the International Spy Academy, your kids will be agents for the one true God.

SonTreasure Island by Gospel Light
Visitors to Gospel Light’s SonTreasure Island are welcomed by the scent of exotic flowers, the taste of tropical fruits and the captivating sound of island music. But this is no ordinary tropical escape. There is treasure to be found here that is more precious than gold, more lasting than diamonds.

Standard Publishing’s Jungle Safari
High-energy music, engaging skits, video mission moments and fun large-group challenges will kick off your Jungle Safari party as your group explores together the nature of God. At the end of the day, your kids will journey back for powerful reminders that the can always count on God.

Abingdon’s Praise Break
It is always good to pause and praise the Lord. With Praise Break: Celebrating the Works of God, participants will hear how people in the Bible had praise breaks, celebrate the faith of leaders, give praise for the “right now” works of God, and have community fun in Jesus Christ!

RBP’s Arrow Island
Arrow Island is a gospel-based VBS program that weaves the salvation message into each lesson. This program is built around a solid theological framework and motivated by a desire to teach the Bible truths using age-appropriate methods.

Cross Canyon Trail from Bogard Press
Grab your cowboy hat, dust off your boots, hop on your horse and gallop on over to the Cross Canyon Trail where we’ll be Ridin’ Strong with Jesus! Buckaroos will learn to follow God’s trail in life by serving, following, living for, sharing and standing with their Savior, Jesus Christ. Bible characters include Gideon, Ruth, Nehemiah, Peter and Esther.

Welcome! Give and Receive God's Great Love from MennoMedia
God loves each and every one of us. Through acts of hospitality we are able to share the gift of God's love with those around us. Welcome! Give and Receive God's Great Love, the latest vacation Bible school curriculum from MennoMedia, highlights Bible stories about God's people who showed hospitality and welcome to others.

The Jesus Connection from Urban Ministries
The Jesus Connection…What A Friend encourages constant fellowship and spiritual engagement. The lessons reinforce such character-building qualities as trustworthiness, purity, faith, compassion, salvation, Christian service, and loyalty. Students — from preschoolers to adults — will learn how to have a real-time connection with Jesus, one that is purposeful and ongoing.

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