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Going Custom With Fundraising

Fundraising for churches and religious organizations plays a key role in providing the necessary funds for the church and extra activities or trips that don't fit into the church budget.

Customized products with your church name or logo are a great way to raise funds and show your community involvement. Churches often need to raise money for capital improvement, mission trips and outreach programs. You've probably tried bake sales and candy fundraising in the past, but there are lot of new, unique items to help raise funds for your church or religious organization.

Fall and Winter are around the corner, and everyone loves personalized shirts, jackets, blankets, rain ponchos and scarves so they can stay comfortable during the chilly season. Offering products with the church name or logo will help fundraising for the church.

Are church trips or functions part of your church's activities? Selling customized water bottles and other travel items will bring added funds to your church and church events. Sports bottles and cooler jugs are always popular. Bags are a must-have, as you can throw practically anything in one, grab it and go. These inexpensive bags are easy to sell, and everyone will want one.

Some of the tried and true products your church/organization might be interested in include: T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, polo shirts, bumper stickers, pens, pencils, mugs, calendars, and can coolers. These items can be used for fundraising or community spirit events.

T-shirts with your logo on them have been around forever and are always a great seller. With all the new fabrics out these days, you can choose all sorts of popular styles and colors not just your basic t-shirt anymore. Yoga pants and open leg sweatpants are popular, with the church/organization name running down the pant leg. Shorts, tanks, hoodies and hats are other ideas you can add to your clothing line.

Want to see some ideas? You no longer have to wait for the product you select to be shipped to you in order to know exactly what it will look like. The product you choose with your message and logo can be sent to you via email, therefore making it possible for you to decide on a successful fund raiser.

With a visual sample, you will see the colors available and the exact art on the product you selected.  You will be able to make a knowledgeable decision on the use of the item in creating a successful fund raiser for your church/organization.

Quality is important, especially when it is representing your institution, church or group and you are selling it as a fundraiser.

Promoconcepts.com has been in the promotional products and advertising business for over 28 years. They have been successful in working with, churches, community organizations, the business sector and non-profits.  Visit them online at www.promoconcepts.com.

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