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Lighting Systems Enhance the Worship Experience

Over the past eight years, Illuminate Production Services of Sacramento has completed a number of installs and special event projects at Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin, California, including lighting systems for their main Worship Center, lobby, outdoor facade, and, most recently, the Youth Center. 

“We wanted to make sure we had a company that would stand behind the gear,” stated Rick Franke of Illuminate Production Services when asked the main reason why ADJ Group lighting companies feature so prominently at Destiny Christian. “We chose to go with Elation products in particular because the church needed a product that was cutting-edge but wouldn’t break the bank, and Elation delivers every time.”

Illuminate Production Services is the “go-to” production company for all of Destiny Christian’s event production and multi-venue lighting, handling design build services, lighting design, programming, set design, architectural lighting, and complete event production services for special events.

Destiny Christian Church is an active parish with a number of ministries, classes and outreach, and has over 3,000 worshipers in attendance each weekend.

“The church has had a number of ongoing needs as it pertains to lighting and production,” said Franke, who is also lighting director at the church and served as main lighting designer for the various indoor and outdoor areas, while son Caleb Franke handled lead design for the Youth Center.  He said, “The first project was an installation of Elation Design Wash 575 and Design Spot 575 fixtures in the 1400-seat main Worship Center eight years ago, and the church has made consistent upgrades and purchases of Elation, Acclaim and ADJ equipment ever since, all of which continues to be used today.”

Before the Elation product started going in, Destiny had a dimmer-heavy incandescent system with lots of parcans and other conventionals. They sought to change their style of worship and their approach to the worship experience and they felt that lighting was a big part in that.

That original install in the Worship Center was eventually supplemented with Elation Design Spot 300, Power Spot 700, Rayzor Q12, ELAR 216 Panels, Opti QA Par, Opti Tri 30 fixtures and 20mm pixel pitch EVLED 1024 LED video panels for scenic design and backdrop. The real story in the Worship Center is the durability of the gear over many years of use, says Franke, who states that the lights have exceeded all expectations.

Franke also says that church pastor Greg Farrington is a big believer in Elation products, saying, “I can remember selling that first group of fixtures eight years ago and explaining why I would choose Elation. I can tell you with all certainty that Elation is standing the test of time in this venue. Though the fixtures in the main Worship Center are getting older, they are certainly going the distance. Some of the movers have more than 8000 hours on them with very basic maintenance and some fixtures we planned to retire a couple of years ago are still in service today.”

High Impact LED Video
Last year, Destiny wanted to make a real statement for their 25th Anniversary with a high impact technology install and added a 4mm pixel pitch Elation EZ4 LED video display in the main Worship Center, as well as a 6mm EZ6 LED video display in the lobby.

“They have both worked perfectly for over a year,” Franke said. “The EZ4 has a black front, making it easy to mask and hide when not in use on the stage and the color is perfect on both. The EZ6 is an install-grade panel that has worked flawlessly from the day we put them in. The color batching is really good, the contrast is excellent, and the brightness is perfect. As an install panel, I would recommend either of them to any church that is interested. In fact, it is causing us to rethink our typical video projection plan campus-wide.”

Youth Center
A stage in the Youth Center received a lighting upgrade last fall in the form of Elation Rayzor Beam 2R and compact LED-based Rayzor Q7 moving heads, along with Epar Tri LED Par lights. Those were joined by a host of American DJ effect lights to provide the energetic impact required for a large variety of youth-focused events. According to Franke, speed of movement, impact for money, and durability were all key factors in fixture choice.

All LED Outdoor Lighting
Because Destiny Christian Church sits on a main freeway interchange, the church has the unique opportunity to garner attention and thereby create greater visibility in the community. Previously lit with high pressure sodium lighting, the building’s large outdoor façade and columns are now flooded in color using LED-based  Elation Elar 216 Panel RGBW and Elar 180 Par RGBW fixtures, along with Acclaim AL Bar and Acclaim Rebel series fixtures.

“LED and color saturation were very important factors for the exterior lighting package,” said Franke. “A rich color scheme was important as was the desire to save power through an all LED solution. Warranty was also a big deal to our client.”

Destiny Christian continues to get the most out of their dynamic lighting systems, which stay busy lighting all worship services, youth events, concerts, special seasonal events and more.

Franke said, “Young and old have really embraced the lighting system, which enhances the experience and really sets the environment for a great worship experience. The Sunday experience here at Destiny is really a place of excitement. The church won’t think twice about ordering Elation Professional fixtures in the future and are grateful for Elation’s serious approach to design, longevity, value and continued technical support.”

He concluded, “It's been a great experience working with Elation. As our company has grown, Elation has grown their product line and their reputation in the pro market. We serve many churches up and down the west coast and lead with the Elation product line and feel it is the perfect solution for a lot of church clients we work with.”

Elation Professional is one of the world’s leading lighting and visual solutions providers and is the global brand of Elation Lighting, www.elationlighting.com.

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