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ChristChurch Presbyterian

  TSW collaborated with Gertler & Wente Architects, LLP for the renovation of an existing office building into a sanctuary and classroom building for ChristChurch Presbyterian in Atlanta. The team created a design for ChristChurch Presbyterian that developed a dramatic new modern sanctuary and renovation design that will incorporate much of the site’s existing building

Building in Good Faith: The Financial Context

  By Fletcher Harper Religious institutions have a special call to stewardship of financial resources. Not merely are nearly all of those financial resources contributed, but to the highest extent possible, such resources ought to be dedicated to the fulfillment of the institution’s mission. How should religious groups think about dollars spent on green building?

Ridgewood Church

  Ridgewood Church in Minnetonka, Minnesota, recently sought the help of Station 19 Architects to bring their spaces up to date with their current ministry values of connection and hospitality. The church’s existing building was hidden away with a nondescript entrance behind landscaping and a city retaining wall. While the church was well constructed with

5 Keys to Forming an Effective Church Building Committee

  The church building committee will be essential in guiding the church through the often complex process of architectural design and construction. As such, it’s absolutely vital to make sure that you follow the right process and select the right people for the job in order to avoid a dysfunctional group that squabbles, can’t come

Shepherd of the Hills Catholic Parish

  Shepherd of the Hills Church and School in Eden, Wisconsin, was the answer to effectively consolidating four local parishes. The facility accommodates the demand for increased worship space and the parish’s need for modernization. Its 500-seat worship area, parish offices and K-8 school centralize the functions of the parish, making it more accessible for

Westwood Community Church

  Westwood Community Church began in 1995 as an outreach to the Southwest Minneapolis suburbs by Wooddale Church, originally located in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. During the early years, Westwood held services in rented locations until a permanent church home was constructed in Chanhassen in 2003. It didn’t take long for Westwood itself

Wayfinding in the Church

  Let’s talk about wayfinding. First off, what is it? Wayfinding is anything that helps your guests navigate your church facility with confidence and ease. Effective wayfinding is an essential function that needs to be carefully considered when remodeling or building any kind of project, but especially a church. Wayfinding is a set of tools,

Avoiding Common Missteps in Construction Projects

  By Rodney James “We just didn’t know, but we have learned a great lesson from that experience.” That is probably not the quote you want to make during or just after a renovation, expansion, or new construction project. Unfortunately, statements like that are heard far too often by pastors and church leaders who have

2|42 Community Church

  2|42 Ann Arbor is the second campus for this growing church in Michigan. Built on an identity of “community first,” the facilities they live, work, and play in are designed to be more of a focused center of community than a church. Through the completion of renovations and additions to their main campus in

Grace City Church

  “We met Rodney James at the Association of Related Churches conference a few years ago when a new building felt impossible to us,” said Pastor Josh Copron. That is where the journey began for Pastor Josh and his wife Brynn of Grace City Church in Albany, Georgia. The first conversation started, “We don’t know whether