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9 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Retreat Venue

By Kayla Crawford There are so many components that go into planning an event. One of the most important is where to host it. There are a multitude of venues all over the country that are perfect for overnight retreats. However, choosing one is not easy. Nothing sours an event quicker than hearing “I wanna

Running an Annual Planning Retreat for Your Church

Most churches have meetings and retreats. And if the people attending those meetings and retreats were honest, they would say they were not as effective as they should be. In fact, you might even hear the phrase “waste of time” tossed around. No matter how well your church is organized, getting the right people together

5 Ways to Prepare Participants for Your Church Retreat

By Erin Culleny A church retreat is the perfect way to bring your congregation together in a new environment that allows for stronger bonds and growth. The destination and activities your group selects are just as important as the preparations. If church members have a general idea of what to expect, what they will need

The Ultimate Christian Retreat Planning Checklist

Retreats are great resources for any church group or ministry organization. They can be used to provide training and education, to cultivate and strengthen relationships, and to give an outlet for recreation and fellowship. As valuable as a retreat can be, it requires a lot of advanced planning and preparation. The following checklist has been

The Many Benefits of Off-Site Retreats

Even for just one day, a retreat allows you to slow down, clear your mind, and center your vision on what truly matters; it’s hard to quantify the value of that kind of contemplative experience. But when you are gathered with peers from your faith community at a setting designed for spiritual growth for the

Picking a Theme for Your Church Retreat

Having a central, driving theme is essential for a successful large event. It ties all the pieces of the retreat together, creates atmosphere, and makes it memorable for guests. Whether you’ve planned one-hundred events, ten, or only two, it’s always beneficial to evaluate your planning process. As you assess your method for theme selection and
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